July 12, 2016

Private Jet Charters

private jetWhen it comes to flying to your destination there is no better way to fly than on a private jet. The sheer convenience of being able to fly on your own schedule without the hassles found flying commercial is just one of the reasons why flying private is preferred by our elite clientele.

Concierge Syndicate, Inc. has access to a fleet of over 50,000 private jets at 41,000 airports worldwide and can have a jet standing by within 4 hours of your request.

When booking a private jet charter with Concierge Syndicate, Inc. we make sure everything down to the minor detail is taken care of with a wide range of options including making sure your favorite food and beverages are on the flight, having an in-flight masseuse or other spa treatment available, or having a child care provider on the flight to take care of the kids. Our number one goal is to ensure your flight is the best experience possible.

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